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Charley Dehoney

Supply Chain and Logistics

Executive, Growth Advisor, Investor

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"If you're not growing, you're dying"

Whether you are a startup or a mature company, this statement holds true.

That’s why Charley Dehoney keeps his focus
on one thing: growth.

Charley has built his career with growth as his primary objective. It's led him to become a leading strategic growth advisor for companies in the supply chain and logistics tech industries, enabling a number of promising startups to advance.


At the start of his career at Worldwide Express,  learning from the best in sales, Charley was fascinated by supply chain and logistics. The evolving nature of this industry and its technology fueled his continued work.

Charley has held top executive positions at innovative companies—

  • Leading sales and marketing strategies

  • Enabling expansion into new markets

  • Developing teams to meet competitive challenges

His experience, coupled with his visionary mindset in strategic planning, has benefited startups in their critical first phases of growth, helping them set the trajectory for their future.

With more than 17 years in the industry, including in starting and growing several of his own companies, Charley has the expertise to lead a struggling company to new growth.


At Manning's Truck Brokerage in Omaha, Nebraska, Charley helped turn the company around in less than 19 months, despite economic challenges. Now sold to Fitmark, Manning's has given its private-equity investors a substantial return on capital, aided by the driving force of Charley's leadership.


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Cargo Ship at the Port

Advisor / Investor


A business process automation solution for digitizing workflows and automating billing.


  • Outbound sales plan

  • Go-To-Market strategy

  • Marketing plan

  • Fundraising execution


Software bots for automating conversions, documents, and workflow.


  • Product-market fit and ideal client profile

  • Target industry verticals

  • Alignment for more qualified leads

  • Building and scaling sales team


An ocean freight visibility platform


  • Go-To-Market strategy

  • Sales organization structure

  • Stregic growth plan


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Dehoney Transportation Management

(Acquired by ShipHawk)


(Acquired by Worldwide Express)

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CD Headshot.jpg

Article Publications

Charley is a regular contributor to Freightwaves, a leading source for data and news in the freight industry. Read his work here.

Charley periodically contributes to other industry publications, including Supply Chain Dive and The Journal of Commerce.

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